Damla Shoe Company was established in 1994 in Gedikpaşa, Istanbul as a family company.

The company closely follows the developing technology with an innovative and modern perspective. The company aims to continuously increase their production power by updating their existing machinery and equipment in accordance with today's needs. As a manufacturer, they care about the quality of workmanship in production, as well as the materials used in their designs every season. Damla Shoe Company produces an average of 200,000 pairs of boots, high boots, shoes and sandals.

It has succeeded in creating their own place in the sector with their reliability by making the delivery of the orders received from the companies they work with in a timely and complete manner. The Company successfully carries out the customer relationship within the framework of mutual business ethics. Our company has been regularly attending international shoe fashion fairs organized in our country every year for about 15 years in order to develop and introduce Turkish shoe industry to the world and presents our designs to the visitors here. By participating in international fairs many times, Damla Shoe increased their brand value and had the opportunity to meet new customers.

Damla Shoe Company aims to become a leading company that develops rapidly in the sector by advancing their brand that they have created by doing quality and reliable works in the light of their knowledge and experience. Damla Shoe Company produces shoes with their brand “DAMLAX” and private label to more than 20 countries, especially Turkish shoe industry.

The countries where Damla Shoe Company exports; Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.